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Monday, December 10, 2007

Concerns About Safety

London, England Dec 7-The Ministry of Magic has been inundated with Owls questioning the safety and security at Hogwarts School of Wizards and Witchcraft from concerned parents.

Mrs. Melina Karvas wrote, "Hogwarts has always been the safest place for our children to be. Even when there were threats from both inside and outside of the castle, I wasn't worried for our young people. I know they were alright. After what my daughter is telling me now I'm no longer so sure..."

Mr. Tobias Raindorff sent, "After I received me son's owl about the bleedin' [sorting] hat's disappearing and him seein' Centaurs roamin' the Castle, I'm thinkin' of callin' him home. I could give him a righter safer education here with me."

When asked, a Ministry spokes person stated, "That while there was an incident at start of term, we are sure that was a one time happenstance, and that all the students are still in very capable hands."

Here are the Daily Prophet believe, as the Ministry states, that these views of concerned parents are unfairly grounded. There is no mortal peril for any of these young, impressionable students, and the powers to be in the administrations of Hogwarts have all well in hand.