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Friday, January 16, 2009

Where is Elmira? witch is still missing after four months

reported by Ana Peno

Elmira Babbage, a witch known for her Friday disappearances and unannounced extended holidays, has been missing since September. Family are concerned, as she has never taken leave for so long a period before. "Two months is normal for her, but four? Never. Even her owl pal, Petra, from Romania hasn't heard from her, and Elmira never failed to write to her no matter where she went. I'm a bit concerned she may have gone to see her, and failed to arrive," said brother, Bartholomew.
Ms. Babbage is forty-eight years old, 5'2", has auburn hair, teal eyes, and a porcelain complexion. Anyone who may have seen her is requested to owl the family with the date, time, and location last seen.

Urgent meeting of ICW

special report by Tory Ferul

The ICW held a special meeting this week to discuss the problems in Romania. Many of the members of the council called for the ICW to remove Romanian Minster of Magic Comanescu.
Some went so far as to call him the worst minster ever since Cornelius Fudge. A heated argument broke out, the chief mugwump said the ICW would not interfere with Romanians wizards right to pick who they want as Minister.
The debate ended with the Minsters of Magic of Moldova, Slovenia, Mont Negro, and The Former Yugoslavia Republic of Macedonia all leaving the ICW and no longer were members. They further stated they would no longer be subject to any ICW rules, since the ICW refused to step in and take action against such a horrible minister. What does this mean for the ICW, will they be able to get these minsters to come back? What about the RLA what will this do for them? What does this mean for the wizarding world at large? This reporter fears that things may only be getting worse before they get better.