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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Goblins Deny Gringotts Break In

By Ludavis Mortimer - Crime correspondent

A goblin spokesman today vigorously denied rumours that Gringotts bank was robbed for the third time in recent years.

"Gringotts bank has enacted a major overhaul of its security procedures since the events of the wizard war, and we can tell you in no uncertain terms that no robbery has taken place." said the spokesman.

He went on to point out that a full audit of customer deposit boxes and vaults had just recently been completed, and it was quite certain that none of them had been tampered with.

"Go back to your wizard newspaper and tell them there is no story here." The spokesman finished.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Invaluable Lost Hufflepuff Work Located in Hogwarts School

A remarkable chain of events took place in the last couple of weeks as industrious students of Hogwarts School were led on a hunt through a series of ancient enchantments and riddles, from an initial clue found jotted in a margin of a work acquired recently for the Hogwarts school library.

The students from a variety of houses joined forces, sometimes having to help each other, as they could not access each other's common rooms. Working together on the riddles, they solved them one by one until a lost book was discovered.

The book is believed to be a journal written by Helga Hufflepuff herself, and Zacharias Smith, as a direct heir has already lodge a claim for the book to be turned over to him, although the ministry have confirmed that legal title remains with the Hogwarts Library.

The journal appears to have been written in a deliberately obscure mixture of Welsh and Old Norse, and is resisting charms designed to help with translation, but scholars at the school are already hard at work in attempting to discover what this journal can tell us about the life and works of one of the Hogwarts founders.

A spokesperson for Hogwarts said: "We are immensely proud of the industrious way these students applied their studies and tracked down this invaluable item. And moreso that the students immediately handed in their find".