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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The RLA is back with new attacks

reported by Aurelius Quillsworth
After over 6mo of no hostilities between the RLA and and Romania ministry the two groups are at it again. It has also been discovered that the Ministry of Magic in the Republic of Moldova have actually been secretly helping the RLA. Towns along the border have now come under complete control of the RLA, muggles are fleeing in droves and the largest town ISAI is the new base of operations for the RLA, the five muggle universities were attacked and the students there forced to flee. It has been reported that the Palace of Culture in the center of town is the main base but reports are unconfirmed at this time. Also the Romania ministry of magic has reported that the floo network in the country has been sabotaged and that it can no longer be safely used. Any wizards and witches who wish to help with the refugees are asked to apperate or port or fly into the area but to be careful. Ministry officals here said they are also helping with the relocation of displaced wizarding families from the area.

Dragon attack Stornoway

reported by Aurelius Quillsworth

Cries and screams filled the Western Isle air as a dragon swooped down setting piers and boats ablaze in Stornoway Harbour, shattering windows in the Maritime Rescue Sub Centre, and scorching the lighthouse at Arnish Point before heading towards the Stornoway campus of the University of Stirling, where St. Mungos healers attend muggle nursing courses under cover as a part of their continuing education programme.
The Ministry of Magic has confirmed that a Peruvian Vipertooth attacked the Isle of Lewis town, at 5:00 p.m., Wednesday evening. The loud screeching and roaring of the fire-breathing creature drew residents out of their homes in curiosity. The efficient reporting of the incident by local wizards meant that Ministry officials were able to arrive in time to contain the damage and protect the residents; however, the dragon escaped before the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures could arrive.
More than a dozen Obliviators were despatched to Stornoway to alter the memories of muggle residents. The Muggle-Worthy Excuse Committee instructed the Obliviators to implant the memory that a band of delinquent teenagers set off the fireworks intended to be used at the conclusion of the Hebridean Celtic Festival this upcoming July. Articles in the local muggle publications "The Stornoway Gazette" and the "Hebridean" reported a brilliant display of Category 4 pyrotechnics concluding with a never-before seen dragon effect were tragically wasted as a result errant teens. It having been a great many years since the Department of Obliviators has been required to alter so many muggles' memories over a single incident, Ministry officials are most pleased with the department's obviously brilliant success.
Reasons for the unprovoked dragon attack are unknown at this time. The Ministry has assured the Prophet that a full-scale investigation is underway. The D.R.C.M.C. are actively working toward capturing the loose dragon in a safe and humane manner, but would like to remind all wizards and witches in the meantime that the Peruvian Vipertooth is an extremely dangerous breed with a penchant for human flesh and advise any who may encounter the dragon to not attempt to harm it, as an attack would antagonize the creature, making it more difficult for the department to capture.
Readers should remain on the alert. The dragon in question is approximately fifteen feet in length, has smooth, copper coloured scales, and short horns on its head. Its fangs are venomous. It feeds on livestock and humans, and again, is highly dangerous. Do not attempt to engage or lure the beast in any way. Any sightings should be immediately reported to the D.R.C.M.C. at the Ministry.