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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Earthquake in New Salem

By Roberta Jordan

Midnight last night New Salem was awoken by a medium magnitude earthquake, which caused disturbance, and minor structural damage. Said Sibyl Seelyham: "I woke up to a heck of a racket - my windows were rattling, and I thought maybe someone's wand had backfired until I saw it was happening all over. The oddest thing was the strange whispering sounds though - and weird lights too".

No one was hurt in the earthquake, although Boris Foss Beacerbrook was treated for injuries after he tripped over his cat whilst checking for damage. However there were several other reports of whispers on the wind, and strange lights being seen.

Asked whether this event was natural or magical, the Ministry of Magic declined to comment.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tornado’s rampage across Glasgow; 4 muggles killed, hundreds injured

By Ludavis Mortimer - Crime correspondent. 

Last night an unknown wizard of witch placed a magical item in the heart of Glasgow city centre - one designed to summon and emit a series of magically created tornados. The item was fully working for some twenty minutes before the Ministry of Magic law enforcement department were able to respond, and extensive damage was caused over a four acre region of the city. There was widespread destruction of shops and flats.

At least 4 muggles are known to have died from their injuries and the Unspeakables have confirmed that they have seized the enchanted item, and they are currently investigating. A spokemsan said "someone put a sizeable hole in the middle of Glasgow, but we are looking into it".

And Glaswegian wizards with information or evidence is asked to come forward to appropriate authorities, where they will be treated in strictest confidence. A ministry spokesman said "come forward before we pass the investigation over to the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, as they do not know how to say 'please'."