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Friday, April 4, 2008

A New Editor...

It is my deepest regret to say that I am having to step down as editor of this fine and legendary paper. However, there are other aspects of my own little wizarding world that need my attention more at the moment. I am sure that whoever becomes editor will do an amazing job and you will be able to read your edition of the Prophet whenever you choose.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Montague Family

This is a special correspondence article.

Whilst the Family claim to trace their roots right back to the founding of Hogwarts, even going so far as to suggest they were the extended family of Salazar Slytherin himself, official records show that the self-proclaimed nobility of the Montague Lineage only dates back to around one thousand years ago. It is then that things become a little too clouded over and facts turn to speculation which turns to pure conjecture. Still, a thousand years is no mean feat even by wizarding standards.

Earliest records show the family residing in Normandy, in 1040, under an eccentric alchemist who went by the name of Drago. The most recent prolific entry in the Montague genealogy is Baron Montague of Beauliue, owner of a large castle and estate in America.

Some of you may remember the Montagues made an impact in Hogwarts a decade ago when one of them was the Slytherin Quidditch Captain, during that Inquisitorial chapter of the Ministry debacle. This particular young Montague even served on Umbridge's little team of insider students, the Inquistorial Squad.

And now, records show that Hogwarts is to have another visit from the Montague Family. Young Erasmus Montague, son of the self-titled Earl of Appleby* , Michael Erasmus Montague, and his wife Malicia Montague. Both were Slytherins in their Hogwarts days. So naturally the lad is expected to follow suit.

It is rumoured that the family, for whatever reason, is facing difficulties in having their son enrolled and sorted. The lad has been accepted into the school grounds but will take up residence in Hogsmeade while the paperwork is dealt with. This reporter wonders if the lads premature acceptance on the school grounds bears any correlation to a shipment of vintage magical Absinthe which recently arrived at the school. But of course one doesn't report such things as fact.

I'm Eliza Lott, leaving you to disenchant your own conclusions.