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Friday, October 10, 2008

Former Ministry of Magic Worker Found Dead

By our Ministry Correspondent

Officials have today confirmed that the body of former Ministry of Magic employee, Hermes Wrigglesworth, was found in his home after reports of a break in.

Wrigglesworth's suburban mansion in Purley was emitting a high pitched scream for some 30 minutes before an auror arrived on the scene. The magical alarm was activated by persons unknown aparating into the premises, and there were signs of a struggle having ensued.

The body of Wrigglesworth was found in a back room, where he had been restrained by a powerful spell, and there was evidence of severe coercion before he died.

Wrigglesworth was a distinguished wizard. The Minister of Magic personally commending his work in reforming the regime at Azkaban. He was also creator of the autoindexing quill, the ever popular floo network interchange hub, and a range of mahogany wands created from managed rainforests.

He is survived by his estranged sons, two cats, a rabbit and an indeterminate number of mice.

The family have asked for donations to the Wizarding Pet Benevolent Fund in lieu of flowers.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New Senior Undersecretary at the Ministry of Magic

By our Ministry Correspondent

The Minister of Magic today announced his new senior undersecretary as Quixotic Tuqiri.

Tuqiri is the high flyer from the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts department who has caused a stir with her no nonsense approach and attention to the small details.

The appointment was announced last night at a formal banquet in London.