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Monday, January 26, 2009

letter to the editor

Dear Editor,
This letter is written in response to the propaganda piece the Daily Prophet ran concerning the Romanian Liberation Army. There is little truth to be found anywhere within this article so please allow me to shed some light into the darkness that is the RLA. To understand the history of the RLA, one must look more closely at England’s recent past and the fall of the Dark Lord. Did you ever wonder where the followers of Voldermort fled to after his defeat and how they evaded the manhunt launched by the Ministry? The answer lies within the hidden villages and keeps nestled within the mountains of Transylvania. There may have been a nobility or honor in the desire for Transylvanian independence at one time. However, that honor was lost when none other than the Knights of Walpurgis took control of the organization several years ago. The notorious Deatheater known as Henry Aluveaux is a prominent member of the RLA and many of the lower level Deatheaters from both Wizarding wars that escaped justice now serve at his side.
I have been to the Palace of Culture, their recruiting offices are seeking recruits of any age, and are taking them by force as needed. I’ve personally witnessed kids as young as 11 being forced to serve their cause, taught Dark Magic then placed into combat. I should know, I lived that life. I was taken from my school and made to serve against my will through the use of Dark Curses and then in turn, I used that magic to help their cause. The RLA cares not for independence, but control. The danger is real and spreading, not just 8 months ago did the RLA unleash a squadron of trained combat dragons against targets both civilian and Ministry related. One or more of those dragons were sent to England for purposes unknown, but as your paper has reported, combat operations have begun here in England. Furthermore, the RLA has been raising an army of Werewolves and Vampires that could sweep across the land like a plague if we fail to intervene in time.
Make no mistake, I believe the Third Wizarding War is just weeks, perhaps days away from beginning. I believe the Dark Lord’s return is at hand, I can feel the presence like a growing shadow across the land. I urge the ICW to draft an emergency army to invade Transylvania and restore order before the second phase of the RLA’s operations begin. I expect without direct action by the ICW, Romania as a nation will fall by early Spring. The Romanian muggle army appears to be under the influence of the RLA, a violation of many ICW laws. The taking of children from their homes and schools, against their will and taught the Unforgivable spells is also a terrible violation of not only ICW rules but is against the Muggle Geneva Convention.
Now is the time for bold action, by driving back the darkness. Now is the time to embrace our destiny and march forth for honor and glory. Now is the time we preserve our freedom by standing against tyranny and fear. Now is the time we must change the world!
Yours in honor,
The Defender of the Gate

Editors note the piece was a special eddtion of prophet and is reprinted below for those who may have missed it:
RLA - Defenders of Libertyby Anna Weezles
I once again bid you greetings, my former faithful readers. For the last eleven years, I shamefully admit I have lived a muggle's life in stealth. I lost my husband, Alan, in a skirmish with Death Eaters the year before the final battle with Voldemort. Alan was brutally murdered by those on a mission to slaughter the innocent in order to preserve an ideal founded upon nothing more than prejudice and hate. I cannot - will not - let his death have been in vain. Today, I emerge from hiding and return to the wizarding world and the Daily Prophet to honour my husband's memory by speaking out against a grave injustice. Tyranny is occurring right under our very noses, and it seems many do not have the wisdom to recognize it.
It has been a closely guarded secret that the Romanian Ministry of Magic is on a mission to create the perfect race. They initially began by attempting to purge the country of vampires and werewolves under the guise of safety for the wizarding world at large. A small grass roots movement formed to defend these unfortunates' lives. Their numbers were small, but their aim, noble and just. However, the Ministry did not stop there. It then took to killing trolls. As people witnessed the Ministry's growing disdain for diversity, the grass roots movement grew and has become what is known today as the Romanian Liberation Association.
Now the Ministry seeks to rid the world of muggles, and it is painfully clear it will keep on in this fashion moving from one race or species to the next to eliminate any other beings it deems "undesireable". Is this not reminiscent of that wretched Voldemort's quest? The Romanian Liberation Association has been working hard to defeat the tyranny and the injustice. The Ministry would not have you believe this, however. They would have you believe the RLA is a growing band of insurgents who are manipulating and/or holding muggles hostage. They are not. The RLA is trying to protect muggles from the same genocide the Ministry tried to inflict upon vampires, werewolves, and trolls. Muggles have as much right to life and liberty as we have. If we allow the Ministry to continue in this manner unchecked, when they've finished their ghastly task, who will they deem unworthy next? Half-bloods? And then whom? No, readers, we must fight now with every fibre of our beings to prevent it. The RLA has set up two muggle refugee camps in Isia at the Palace of Culture and Roznoveanu Palace/City Hall. Therefore, I implore any witch and wizard reading this edition of the Prophet to encourage any muggles you may know to seek refuge in RLA controlled areas for their own safety and well being.