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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Upper Ministers
Junior Undersecretary - X1

Department of Magical Law Enforcement
Improper Use of Magic
Senior Improper: X1
Improper: X2
Misuse of Muggle Artifacts
Officers: X2

Department of Magical Creatures
Bureau of Dragon Research and Restraint
Committee for the Disposal of Dangerous Creatures
Office for House-Elf Relocation

Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes
Department Head: X1
Obliviators: X4
Magical Reversal Squad X2

Department of Mysteries
Senior Unspeakable: X1
Unspeakables: X2

Department of Magical Transportation
Portkey Maintenance X1
Floo Manager X1

Department for International Cooperation
Liaison with Foreign Wizards, Secretariat

Department of Magical Sports, Games and Pastimes
Department Head: X1
Quidditch Scouting X1

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Prophet reporter attacked offices ransacked

Mere hours after the story about the missing Gryffindor boy's return hit newsstands, the Daily Prophet offices were ransacked by a few masked men seeking the boy's whereabouts. When one of the reporters working on the story refused to reveal his sources or any information on the boy, he was swiftly struck with a sectumsempra curse and left for dead. The custodian found him lying in a pool of blood. After a short stint in St. Mungos, our reporter is now home and taking a short holiday.

In a releated story,Gryffindor girl, Tamara Scorbal, has returned to Hogwarts after a short-lived, yet traumatic ordeal over her exchange for Hogwarts head girl, Anquvin Aluveaux. Our sources tell us the scene in Godric's Hollow was tense but that Miss Aluveaux handled herself in a manner that makes one think of The great Harry Potter in facing evil.
The culprit was taken into custody by the Head of the DLME Bella Giustizia.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Muggles unsafe

Muggles unsafe in wizarding communities By Lerna Lemonut

Godricks Hallow-In recent months there have been an increase in the amount of muggle attacks in wizarding communities. In the last three months twelve muggles have been attacked leading to the death of three. Witnesses state a lone witch or wizard in robes is responsible for the attacks on the innocent muggles.
“It is clearly an attack based on the hate of muggles.” Stated a source in the ministry who requested to remain unnamed. “The ministry is aware of the situation and has taken steps to protect unsuspecting muggles.”
Details are sketchy about the attacks but reports have stated unforgivable curses were used to torture the victims.
The ministry claims they have no suspects and are seeking assistance from anyone who may have knowledge the attacks.

Monday, February 23, 2009

error in name

The Daily prophet would like to appoligize to the Liberation of Romanian Cooperatvie for using the wrong name it the reacent article about Elmira Babbage. They are not The RLC or the RLA but the LRC. We are sorry for any confusion.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Reported by Willam Dashspear

Elmira Babbage, reported missing in mid-January, has at last resurfaced, much to the relief of family and friends. Originally traveling to Romania to visit her owl pal, Petra, Elmira tells us she happened to stumble across the Romanian Liberation Cooperative in the middle of a rescue operation, and was so impressed with the work they were doing that she decided to join them in their mission. She returned to the UK last Thursday and has established a group for those witches and wizard who also wish to lend their support to the RLC's noble cause. Interested parties may contact Elmira by owl.

In other news, Romanian Ministry officials walked out of talks with the RLC after the RLC claimed their Ministry of Magic attacked one of the towns they have been trying to protect.

We asked Elmira her opinion of the Romanian Ministry's recent walkout. "I was hopeful at the announcement that talks were forthcoming. I'm appalled that the Romanian Ministry would try to attack an RLC area right before the meeting. I wouldn't be surprised if they had an extremist or two within their ranks that did this. The time has come for the international magical community to stand up and be counted. That's why I started the group I have. We need to speak out so that the Romanian Ministry or the ICW will pay attention."

OBITUARY Gwen Weezles

Reported by staff:

Muggle wife of the renowned retired potions master and magical arachnologist mentioned in Great Wizards of the 20th Century, Aaraneus Weezles', died suddenly and unexpectedly late last Tuesday evening. Gwen was 89. Her son - auror, Alan Weezles, Order of Merlin First Class - preceded Gwen in death. Survivors include devoted husband, Aaraneus - daughter-in-law, Anna - and grandson, Aaran. Torquay Funeral Services conducted a private muggle service for the Weezles family Saturday afternoon in Devon.

Though Gwen was a muggle, she was part of a very noble and well-respected wizard family. Her husband, Aaraneus, is most famous for his discovery that marinating toad liver with purified Black Widow's venom aided in the healing of spattergoit. He authored several texts on the proper care and handling of spiders for magical purposes before his premature retirement. Her son, Alan, fought bravely against five Death Eaters in the final moments of his life, enduring hours of being cruciated and imperiused before finally succumbing to the Killing Curse after they realized he would never provide the information they sought. Ministry officials unanimously decided to award him the Order of Merlin First class posthumously after reviewing the memories retrieved from the only witness, his son, Aaran. Gwen's daughter-in-law, Anna, was a respected investigative journalist for the Daily Prophet who retired after her husband's death, but has since returned to us.

We asked Aaraneus why he left the wizarding world, his answer: "For love." He refused to comment upon his future plans or whether he planned to return to the wizarding world now that his muggle wife was no longer with us. Daughter-in-law, Anna Weezles, has taken a short leave of absence from the Prophet in this time of loss.

We at the Prophet extend our most heartfelt condolences to the Weezles family, and we are sure our readers do as well.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Romanian Liberation Cooperative

reported by Anna Weezles

The Romanian Liberation Association has changed its name to the Liberation of Romania Cooperative, since the numerous negative Ministry references to their coalition had people thinking the A in RLA stood for Army. The LRC has asked that we make clear the point that they are the ones pushing for talks, not the Romanian Ministry.
In the past week, three groups have openly supported the LRC: the Society for the Support of Squibs, the Society for the Reformation of Hags, and the Society for the Tolerance of Vampires. Each have written in to the Prophet to express their appreciation for all the LRC is and has been doing for the welfare of their respective kinds.
In other news, the tiny country of Liechtenstein joins Moldova, Slovenia, Mont Negro, and The Former Yugoslavia Republic of Macedonia in withdrawing from the ICW until the Romanian Ministry is held accountable for its actions.

Rebuttal to letter to editor

By Anna Weezles

Despite what the anonymous respondent has argued in their letter, I have significant proof that his or her accusations are patently false. Raising an army of werewolves and vampires? I am certain there are many of you in the wizarding world who have had relatives fall prey to lycanthropy or vampirism. Would you wish to see them tortured or killed for being the victims they are? I have personally interviewed a muggle boy of fifteen - one of Greyback's last victims - who, thanks to the RLA, managed to escape death at the hands the Ministry. His story is tragic. Being a muggle, he did not have the ability to use magic to aid in his own escape. The RLA were in the process of escorting him to safety via the floo network, when members of the Romanian Ministry caught them and locked them in two separate covert holding cells. In these secret cells, such unfortunates are tortured at length before being executed. Another member of the RLA who was aware of the attempt to rescue the boy, managed to slip in through another fireplace in the network and rescue both. After this incident, the Ministry quickly shut the floo network down.
Additionally, although I cannot reveal my sources, I have seen wizarding photographs of emaciated dragons with broken wings caged just behind the Romanian Ministry headquarters. My sources have also revealed to me that talks are underway between the Ministry and the ICW, and RLA to bring about a peaceful resolution to the conflict without anyone being harmed.

Monday, January 26, 2009

letter to the editor

Dear Editor,
This letter is written in response to the propaganda piece the Daily Prophet ran concerning the Romanian Liberation Army. There is little truth to be found anywhere within this article so please allow me to shed some light into the darkness that is the RLA. To understand the history of the RLA, one must look more closely at England’s recent past and the fall of the Dark Lord. Did you ever wonder where the followers of Voldermort fled to after his defeat and how they evaded the manhunt launched by the Ministry? The answer lies within the hidden villages and keeps nestled within the mountains of Transylvania. There may have been a nobility or honor in the desire for Transylvanian independence at one time. However, that honor was lost when none other than the Knights of Walpurgis took control of the organization several years ago. The notorious Deatheater known as Henry Aluveaux is a prominent member of the RLA and many of the lower level Deatheaters from both Wizarding wars that escaped justice now serve at his side.
I have been to the Palace of Culture, their recruiting offices are seeking recruits of any age, and are taking them by force as needed. I’ve personally witnessed kids as young as 11 being forced to serve their cause, taught Dark Magic then placed into combat. I should know, I lived that life. I was taken from my school and made to serve against my will through the use of Dark Curses and then in turn, I used that magic to help their cause. The RLA cares not for independence, but control. The danger is real and spreading, not just 8 months ago did the RLA unleash a squadron of trained combat dragons against targets both civilian and Ministry related. One or more of those dragons were sent to England for purposes unknown, but as your paper has reported, combat operations have begun here in England. Furthermore, the RLA has been raising an army of Werewolves and Vampires that could sweep across the land like a plague if we fail to intervene in time.
Make no mistake, I believe the Third Wizarding War is just weeks, perhaps days away from beginning. I believe the Dark Lord’s return is at hand, I can feel the presence like a growing shadow across the land. I urge the ICW to draft an emergency army to invade Transylvania and restore order before the second phase of the RLA’s operations begin. I expect without direct action by the ICW, Romania as a nation will fall by early Spring. The Romanian muggle army appears to be under the influence of the RLA, a violation of many ICW laws. The taking of children from their homes and schools, against their will and taught the Unforgivable spells is also a terrible violation of not only ICW rules but is against the Muggle Geneva Convention.
Now is the time for bold action, by driving back the darkness. Now is the time to embrace our destiny and march forth for honor and glory. Now is the time we preserve our freedom by standing against tyranny and fear. Now is the time we must change the world!
Yours in honor,
The Defender of the Gate

Editors note the piece was a special eddtion of prophet and is reprinted below for those who may have missed it:
RLA - Defenders of Libertyby Anna Weezles
I once again bid you greetings, my former faithful readers. For the last eleven years, I shamefully admit I have lived a muggle's life in stealth. I lost my husband, Alan, in a skirmish with Death Eaters the year before the final battle with Voldemort. Alan was brutally murdered by those on a mission to slaughter the innocent in order to preserve an ideal founded upon nothing more than prejudice and hate. I cannot - will not - let his death have been in vain. Today, I emerge from hiding and return to the wizarding world and the Daily Prophet to honour my husband's memory by speaking out against a grave injustice. Tyranny is occurring right under our very noses, and it seems many do not have the wisdom to recognize it.
It has been a closely guarded secret that the Romanian Ministry of Magic is on a mission to create the perfect race. They initially began by attempting to purge the country of vampires and werewolves under the guise of safety for the wizarding world at large. A small grass roots movement formed to defend these unfortunates' lives. Their numbers were small, but their aim, noble and just. However, the Ministry did not stop there. It then took to killing trolls. As people witnessed the Ministry's growing disdain for diversity, the grass roots movement grew and has become what is known today as the Romanian Liberation Association.
Now the Ministry seeks to rid the world of muggles, and it is painfully clear it will keep on in this fashion moving from one race or species to the next to eliminate any other beings it deems "undesireable". Is this not reminiscent of that wretched Voldemort's quest? The Romanian Liberation Association has been working hard to defeat the tyranny and the injustice. The Ministry would not have you believe this, however. They would have you believe the RLA is a growing band of insurgents who are manipulating and/or holding muggles hostage. They are not. The RLA is trying to protect muggles from the same genocide the Ministry tried to inflict upon vampires, werewolves, and trolls. Muggles have as much right to life and liberty as we have. If we allow the Ministry to continue in this manner unchecked, when they've finished their ghastly task, who will they deem unworthy next? Half-bloods? And then whom? No, readers, we must fight now with every fibre of our beings to prevent it. The RLA has set up two muggle refugee camps in Isia at the Palace of Culture and Roznoveanu Palace/City Hall. Therefore, I implore any witch and wizard reading this edition of the Prophet to encourage any muggles you may know to seek refuge in RLA controlled areas for their own safety and well being.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Where is Elmira? witch is still missing after four months

reported by Ana Peno

Elmira Babbage, a witch known for her Friday disappearances and unannounced extended holidays, has been missing since September. Family are concerned, as she has never taken leave for so long a period before. "Two months is normal for her, but four? Never. Even her owl pal, Petra, from Romania hasn't heard from her, and Elmira never failed to write to her no matter where she went. I'm a bit concerned she may have gone to see her, and failed to arrive," said brother, Bartholomew.
Ms. Babbage is forty-eight years old, 5'2", has auburn hair, teal eyes, and a porcelain complexion. Anyone who may have seen her is requested to owl the family with the date, time, and location last seen.

Urgent meeting of ICW

special report by Tory Ferul

The ICW held a special meeting this week to discuss the problems in Romania. Many of the members of the council called for the ICW to remove Romanian Minster of Magic Comanescu.
Some went so far as to call him the worst minster ever since Cornelius Fudge. A heated argument broke out, the chief mugwump said the ICW would not interfere with Romanians wizards right to pick who they want as Minister.
The debate ended with the Minsters of Magic of Moldova, Slovenia, Mont Negro, and The Former Yugoslavia Republic of Macedonia all leaving the ICW and no longer were members. They further stated they would no longer be subject to any ICW rules, since the ICW refused to step in and take action against such a horrible minister. What does this mean for the ICW, will they be able to get these minsters to come back? What about the RLA what will this do for them? What does this mean for the wizarding world at large? This reporter fears that things may only be getting worse before they get better.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The RLA is back with new attacks

reported by Aurelius Quillsworth
After over 6mo of no hostilities between the RLA and and Romania ministry the two groups are at it again. It has also been discovered that the Ministry of Magic in the Republic of Moldova have actually been secretly helping the RLA. Towns along the border have now come under complete control of the RLA, muggles are fleeing in droves and the largest town ISAI is the new base of operations for the RLA, the five muggle universities were attacked and the students there forced to flee. It has been reported that the Palace of Culture in the center of town is the main base but reports are unconfirmed at this time. Also the Romania ministry of magic has reported that the floo network in the country has been sabotaged and that it can no longer be safely used. Any wizards and witches who wish to help with the refugees are asked to apperate or port or fly into the area but to be careful. Ministry officals here said they are also helping with the relocation of displaced wizarding families from the area.

Dragon attack Stornoway

reported by Aurelius Quillsworth

Cries and screams filled the Western Isle air as a dragon swooped down setting piers and boats ablaze in Stornoway Harbour, shattering windows in the Maritime Rescue Sub Centre, and scorching the lighthouse at Arnish Point before heading towards the Stornoway campus of the University of Stirling, where St. Mungos healers attend muggle nursing courses under cover as a part of their continuing education programme.
The Ministry of Magic has confirmed that a Peruvian Vipertooth attacked the Isle of Lewis town, at 5:00 p.m., Wednesday evening. The loud screeching and roaring of the fire-breathing creature drew residents out of their homes in curiosity. The efficient reporting of the incident by local wizards meant that Ministry officials were able to arrive in time to contain the damage and protect the residents; however, the dragon escaped before the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures could arrive.
More than a dozen Obliviators were despatched to Stornoway to alter the memories of muggle residents. The Muggle-Worthy Excuse Committee instructed the Obliviators to implant the memory that a band of delinquent teenagers set off the fireworks intended to be used at the conclusion of the Hebridean Celtic Festival this upcoming July. Articles in the local muggle publications "The Stornoway Gazette" and the "Hebridean" reported a brilliant display of Category 4 pyrotechnics concluding with a never-before seen dragon effect were tragically wasted as a result errant teens. It having been a great many years since the Department of Obliviators has been required to alter so many muggles' memories over a single incident, Ministry officials are most pleased with the department's obviously brilliant success.
Reasons for the unprovoked dragon attack are unknown at this time. The Ministry has assured the Prophet that a full-scale investigation is underway. The D.R.C.M.C. are actively working toward capturing the loose dragon in a safe and humane manner, but would like to remind all wizards and witches in the meantime that the Peruvian Vipertooth is an extremely dangerous breed with a penchant for human flesh and advise any who may encounter the dragon to not attempt to harm it, as an attack would antagonize the creature, making it more difficult for the department to capture.
Readers should remain on the alert. The dragon in question is approximately fifteen feet in length, has smooth, copper coloured scales, and short horns on its head. Its fangs are venomous. It feeds on livestock and humans, and again, is highly dangerous. Do not attempt to engage or lure the beast in any way. Any sightings should be immediately reported to the D.R.C.M.C. at the Ministry.