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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mysterious Storm Lashes Hogwarts and Hogsmeade

By: Jonothan Wilkes

An unusually intense late spring storm formed over the region Sunday night. The storm strengthened late Monday, flooding across the low-lying areas.

For safety reasons, all residents must to stay away from streams and gullies where water levels may rise quickly.

The storm's origins are rather mysterious. The Weather Service in London shows clear weather across the Isles. The storm doesn’t seem to be anywhere. No magical artifact or spell seems to be able to detect the storm. Muggle news have not mentioned anything about it either. Ministry workers are investigating the matter and will contact our staff as soon as they have more information about this phenomenon.


We are celebrating ten years of peace. Time has passed but I still celebrate the way we did at home after we heard the Dark Lord had been defeated in that final Battle at Hogwarts. The horrors of the war were something I wish I could forget everyday and at the same time I always want to remember.

After reading these pages, you will realize that those times of war were a lot darker than we thought.

I have to mention that I am proud of the way how our Minister of Magic stood up for his beliefs, making public the information in the files about death eaters. There are divided opinions about Shackbolt’s decision. While some people support his decision, others think he is making a mistake.

The Minister knows the wounds in our hearts will never heal while we keep wondering things. So, as a legitimate gesture of human kindness he’s opening these dark files to the public to give us answers.

Once a boy was marked with a scar that would never let him forget his life had been touched by pain. The horror of the war hurt him before he could even understand what love and hate were all about. In the same way the war marked our lives with pain. Our wounds healed, but we will always have scars that should never let us forget what we went through. They should make us remember why we are here. It is our mission to share with the world the best of us.

Today I am more inspired than ever by the courage and integrity of those warriors that risked or lost their lives fighting for freedom and justice. We are a better society because of what they did. We need to keep working together, standing by each other, defending our beliefs, living without fear. That is the best way to celebrate our freedom. That is the way to keep alive the dream of a nation that accepts us all despite our differences. That is the best way to honor our warriors. If we keep defending the dream, the sacrifice they made will never be forgotten.

Rowena Rendelstein
Editor in Chief



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The Romanian war is bringing Venetian Cauldrons

By: Lei Salmson

While we celebrate ten years of peace the war continues in Romania. We all remember Transylvania as the nation who won the first Quidditch World Cup. When they disappeared as a nation we all knew it was only a matter of time before the proud Transylvanians started to fight the Romanians to recover their territory and reestablish their nation.

They have been fighting for six months now and this war doesn’t seem to be anywhere close to the end.

Rebels seem to be gaining ground. Battles are fought everyday and still the Ministry says everything is under control and they are not worried about their political stability. However, while they pretend things are not getting out of hand, the horrors of the war suggest things are not as fine as they wanted us to believe.

Early this morning the Romanian Vice-Minister was hexed. He was taken to the local hospital and healers there have refused to share any details about his condition. Rumors say the attack was part of a new offensive Transylvanians are planning. Whether or not this is true is still unclear. The Romanian Minister of Magic, Lazăr Comănescu, affirmed that the event was just an accident and it had nothing to do with separatist wizards trying to take over the nation like the local news suggest.

Massive muggle murders in Romania suggest the fights there might not be just about Transylvanians trying to restore their nation. Whether the murders are incidents related to the war or no is not clear yet. There are rumors about small groups of dark wizards that are having fun torturing muggles while posing as separatists.

The Deparment of Magical Transportation reported this morning that the Floo Network in our territory is still working normally and connecting to all locations in Romania. However, the Ministry of Magic is warning people about how unwise it is to visit that country while the war lasts.

Worried merchants have already found alternatives to replace products they imported from Romania. Malaysia and Egypt seem to be the new places from where they are importing goods. A group of witches that used to import cauldrons from Romania informed they are now selling Italian cauldrons even though they are more expensive than the Transylvanian ones.

Rodolfa Aristegui, owner of “Cauldrons Aristegui” expressed the war has not affected the stability of her business even thought most of the items she sells at her store were imported from Romania. When we asked her how the introduction of these products brought from other regions is affecting her business she said: “These cauldrons I’m bringing from Venice are not only beautiful, they are so good that people have not even noticed they are more expensive than the ones we normally sell”.

“The Final Battle”

By: Kingsley Shackbolt
Minister of Magic

I was in London.
This is what I remember most about that night and that dawn. It started with me in London. Who I was with and what I was doing is unimportant. Even today some of the dealings of the order of the Phoenix must remain secret.

The summons came very quickly. Aberforth Dumbledore smuggled Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley into Hogwarts. With Snape fleeing, the die was cast. I remember needing to get to a portkey. I was never the best broom flyer, and I must admit taking great risk to get to the portkey to Hogsmeade, and then the long tunnel to walk into a war.

I could recount the fighting, the spells, the destruction wrought upon the school. I could describe the smell of the giants and the creatures. I could tell you about the cold feeling one gets in the pit of the gut when someone you have known for years dies and the way things slow when a hex flies at your face. But none of this is important. What is important is that we never forget the 48 people who died that day defending freedom. What is important is that we never forget that people made a stand against fear, lies and secrecy. This is why I release today details about the Death Eaters; so there are no more secrets. So we can build a new future together.

When Harry Potter killed the Dark Lord, so easily, so simply; it was as if a veil had been lifted. We were afraid of ourselves. We were afraid of each other far more than the Dark Lord. He was powerful, yes, but his true power lied in fear.

! We must oppose fear in all things! ! Fear destroys societies!
Look at the Muggle World. They are terrified of terrorists and pollution. Terrified of crime, of ‘identity theft’ (no idea what this is but if I find Wizards are involved I will not be happy). They are terrified of their neighbours, money and another hundred things. If they have nothing to be afraid of, they deliberately seek out something to be afraid of.

We can help where we can but really that is the Muggles problem.

We must not become afraid like we were when Voldemort was around.
It nearly killed us last time. ! We need to learn from the past!


It is hard to give precise about Voldemort’s followers. But thanks to magic and the testimony of some eye witnesses we learned some details about the inner workings of the organization known as “The Knights of Walpurgis” or “The Death Eaters”.

This group was formed by Tom Riddle in 1952, near Godric's Hollow. When the organization was created, they were just a small group with less than seven members. They began to grow in number around the late 50’s when Tom Riddle started to gain power. By the end of the 60’s the group was larger and it already had the bad reputation that made us all fear them.

The list of crimes committed by this organization is incredibly long. So long we couldn’t include all the details. However we tried to include the most relevant details about each member of the organization, their dark activities and their fate.


*Aluveaux, Henry - Supposedly joined the Death Eaters in the 60’s, a long time supporter of Riddle, earned a reputation in the First War as ‘The Death Eaters Main Torturer’- he delighted in malicious magic. ‘Bella’ named him ‘her mentor’.
After the Dark Lord died the first time he went missing and many assume he fled the country. He has NOT been seen since.

* Avery Sr. (b. late 1920s)
One of the earliest members of the Death Eaters. He attended Hogwarts with Tom Riddle. He was father of the Avery boy that attended Hogwarts with Severus Snape. He was killed in the Battle of Hogwarts.

* Avery Jr. (b. late 1950s or early 1960s)
Attended Hogwarts with Severus Snape and was one of his “gang of Slytherins,” according to Sirius Black. Avery Jr. avoided Azkaban after the first war because he claimed to be acting under the influence of the Imperius Curse. Later reports cite Avery Jr. as the first Death Eater to crack and grovel at Voldemort's feet during the “reunion” of the order at the Little Hangleton graveyard. Surviving Death Eaters informed the ministry that Voldemort punished them with the Cruciatus Curse for abandoning him for 13 years. Avery Jr. was also punished when Lord Voldemort learned that the information he got about the Department of Mysteries was wrong and only he himself or Harry Potter could safely take a prophecy from its resting place. He survived to fight in the Battle of the Department of Mysteries and died during the Battle of Hogwarts.

* Bagman, Ludovic
Suspected of being a Death Eater but cleared of all charges. Bagman was an unwitting part of Rookwood's intelligence network. He was arrested in two occasions but no evidence could be found to declare him guilty.

* Black, Regulus Arcturus (c. 1961 - 1979)
He was cousin of Bellatrix Lestrange and brother of Sirius Black. Information disclosed by Harry Potter and Hermione Granger confirmed that he joined the Death Eaters at the age of 16 and remained in the order for two years. He discovered that Tom Riddle was engaged in more than just promoting the superiority of Pure Bloods. He learned that the Dark Lord was experimenting with very Dark Magic and decided to rebel against him. Apparently he died as a hero.
A note at the end of this file indicates that the full details about Voldemort’s experiments are part of the secret files of the Department of Mysteries.

*Carrow, Alecto
Sister of Amycus Carrow and part of the group of Death Eaters that invaded Hogwarts in the Battle of the Tower. Part of the ‘third generation’ of followers. The ones that were never jailed after the first fall of Riddle. She became a Professor at Hogwarts (DADA) for a short period of time. She was arrested after the Battle of Hogwarts and now is serving a life sentence in Azkaban.

* Carrow, Amycus
Alecto Carrow's brother. Described as a squat, "lumpy" looking wizard with a lopsided leer and a wheezy giggle. He was part of the group of Death Eaters who participated in the Battle of the Tower. He was arrested after the Battle but was declared too insane to stand trail. He’s still in St. Mungo’s hospital.

* Carrow, Jaden and Matilda
They were the only known American followers of the Dark Lord. The Carrows came from the United States with allegations of attacks upon Muggles against them. They came to Britain and hid in the muggle world. They provided the Dark Lord with valuable information about Muggle targets. Named in the Karkaoff trial, they both served several years in Azkaban and escaped during the mass break out in Summer 1997. Their freedom was short. They worked closely with Umbridge in the Muggle-born Registration Commission, but they were arrested in the purge of the Ministry and sent back to prison.

* Crabbe, Arthur
Father of Vincent Crabbe. He fought in the Battle of the Department of Mysteries. Crabbe was one of the nine Death Eaters summoned to the Little Hangleton graveyard and was crippled at the Battle of Hogwarts. Falling masonry smashed his legs and a hex fired by a death eater removed the pulverized bones leaving him forever that way. He died three years ago in Azkaban.

* Crouch, Barty (Jr.)
He was part of the group that tortured the Longbottoms, for which he was given a life sentence in Azkaban. Thanks to his family's efforts, he escaped Azkaban only to be held prisoner by his own father. When the Dark Lord heard about his survival, he rescued him. Crouch was given the delicate task of entering Hogwarts. He achieved this using Polyjuice Potion to impersonate Auror Moody. His mission was to find a way to send Harry Potter to the Dark Lord.
He was punished with the Dementor's Kiss. His body is now an empty shell that keeps him “alive” even though he has no soul or sense of self.

* Crowe, Lyrea and Juden
The file indicates their real name was actually 'Von Muller'. They used the name Crowe to hide their real identity from the aurors.
He graduated from Drumstrang and she was a Hufflepuff. He served the Dark Lord from the 80’s. He was named as part of the Karkaroff evidence but was cleared of all charges after he claimed to have acted under Imperius Curse. Seemingly respectable, he married Lyrea (an offshoot of a long established pure blood family) and she soon joined him in the practice of Dark Magic. They both fought at the Battle of Hogwarts. Juden was captured and sent to Azkaban and his wife escaped and was trying to leave the country alongside Rodolphus Lestrange when she was killed by aurors.

* Dolohov, Antonin
He joined Voldemort around 1955. He was part of the ‘first generation of followers’. Along with four other Death Eaters, he murdered Gideon and Fabian Prewett and tortured many Muggles and opponents of Voldemort during the first war. He was caught shortly after Karkaroff named him during his own trial. They sent him to Azkaban and he escaped during the mass breakout of January 1996.
Dolohov fought in the Battle of the Department of Mysteries. According to the record he injured Hermione Granger and killed Remus Lupin during the Battle at Hogwarts. He is still serving a life sentence in Azkaban for those crimes.

* Fiddle, Selena "Cherry"
She was a young witch that joined the group in 1995 when the Dark Lord returned. She was one of his spies in the ministry. She was also involved in the murder of Scrimgeour and helped running the Umbridge controlled Ministry. She was head of the Department of Magical Transportation during the Death Eater’s domination and died in a portkey accident shortly after the Battle of Hogwarts

*Garside, Vilius
He was one of the last members who joined the group in the Spring of 1997. He fought at the Battle of Hogwarts but saw little action. He wasn’t found guilty of any major crimes so he was sentenced to five years in Azkaban and is now free.

* Gibbon, Richard
He was the Death Eater who set off the Dark Mark during the Battle of the Tower. He was killed by an “avada kedavra” that missed Remus Lupin.

* Goyle, Tobius
Father of Gregory Goyle. He was one of the 9 Death Eaters summoned to the Little Hangleton graveyard. He is currently serving a life sentence in Azkaban.

* Greyback, Fenrir
Despite his reputation Greyback was a low level Death Eater. Still he was a dangerous and evil man. He was a werewolf that enjoyed infecting and killing children. He was wounded at the Battle of Hogwarts, defeated by Neville Longbottom and Ron Weasley. He is currently serving a life sentence in Azkaban.

* Jugson, Sven
He fought in the Battle of the Department of Mysteries, and a killing curse ended his life at the Battle of Hogwarts.

* Karkaroff, Igor (d. 1996)
He was captured by "Mad-Eye" Moody in 1979 after he haunted him for six months. By the time he went to a trial Voldemort had already fallen. Scared to serve a life sentence in Azkaban, he recanted his allegiance and sold out several other Death Eaters in exchange for immunity from prosecution. Not long after that he became headmaster of Durmstrang Institute.
When Voldemort returned, he attempted to run away to save his life. His dead body was found during the summer of 1996 in a shack up north with the Dark Mark over it.

* Lestrange Monteban (1920s)
Part of the first generation of followers. He met Tom Riddle while they were both attending Hogwarts. Father to Rabastan and Rodolphus Lestrange. The file indicates he was killed but doesn’t specify where, when or how.

* Lestrange, Bellatrix Black (1951-1998)
A member of the Black family. Sister of Narcissa Black Malfoy and Andromeda Black Tonks. Apparently she was unusually sadistic. She took part in the torture of Frank and Alice Longbottom and killed Sirius Black during the Battle at the Department of Mysteries. She was also killed at the Battle of Hogwarts.

* Lestrange, Rabastan
Brother of Rodolphus Lestrange. He took part in the torture of the Longbottoms and was given a life sentence in Azkaban for that. He escaped in the mass breakout of January 1996 and fought in the Battle of the Department of Mysteries. This man was rounded up in the purge of the Ministry of Magic and is still in prison.

*Lestrange, Rodolphus
He was Rabastan’s brother and Bellatrix’s husband. He also took part in the torture of the Longbottoms for which he was given a life sentence in Azkaban. He escaped in the mass breakout of January 1996 along with his wife and brother and took part in the Battle of the Department of Mysteries. According to the information in the file they have reasons to believe he and his wife were on bad terms before the final stages of the war. He was killed while trying to leave the country shortly after the final fall of the Dark Lord.

* Macnair, Walden
He was an executioner for the Committee for the Disposal of Dangerous Creatures and one of the 9 Death Eaters summoned to the Little Hangleton graveyard. He was part of the group that persuaded giants to join the dark side. Apparently, he was the man with the black moustache that visited Bode at St. Mungo's on Christmas Eve. That "friend" who brought him the Devil's Snare that killed him.
Macnair was captured during the Battle of the Department of Mysteries. He escaped and took part in the Battle of Hogwarts. There he was thrown into a wall and recaptured by Rubeus Hagrid.

* Malfoy, Draco
He was still underage when he joined the group. He found the way to prove that he joined the group because he was manipulated by the Dark Lord and his father. He was declared innocent and cleared of all charges.

* Malfoy, Lucius
Brother-in-law of Bellatrix Black Lestrange. Lucius escaped justice after Voldemort's downfall, claiming he had acted under the Imperius Curse. The file mentions he tormented Muggles for fun during a Quidditch World Cup.
Lucius served as one of Hogwarts' school governors until 1993, when a complex scheme to discredit Arthur Weasley backfired.
He tried to Imperius Broderick Bode to get a Prophecy but never succeeded. He was in command of the Death Eaters at the Department of Mysteries while the Dark Lord was absent. Despite all his crimes he found a way to avoid jail after the Battle of Hogwarts and is still free.

* Momiji, Victoria and Takeshi
They were both loyal followers of the Dark Lord. Takeshi was accused of having done ‘experiments’ on Muggles and some other atrocities. After Voldemort’s fall they claimed to have acted under the Imperius Curse and were condemned to serve reduced sentences in Azkaban. Takashi was murdered while he was still in prison. His wife was found dead shortly after she was set free. Ministry workers confirmed that she was killed by one the victims of Takashi’s atrocities.

* Montgomery, Lucius
He was one of the first followers of the Dark Lord. He was a British wizard that served Voldemort in America and was killed in 1976 during a nasty battle with the Order of the Phoenix.

* Mulciber
He was part of the first generation of Death Eaters and one of the Imperius Curse specialists. He fought in the Battle of the Department of Mysteries and died two years ago in Azkaban.

* Nott, Reubas
He was part of the first generation of Death Eaters. Nott made it to avoid Azkaban after Voldemort's fall and was summoned to the "rebirthing party" in June 1995. He was fighting in the Battle of the Department of Mysteries when he was stunned by Hermione Granger. The Dark Lord had him released for a while and he was recaptured after the Battle of Hogwarts. He’s still serving his life sentence in Azkaban.

*Nott Lestrange, Tempest
A young recruit who joined the Death Eaters when Voldemort returned. She was involved in Umbridge’s Muggle Registration group and was accused of several atrocities against Muggle born wizards. She claimed to have acted under the Imperius curse and was cleared of all charges. This woman was recently found dead. Ministry workers say they have reasons to think she was killed by a group of dark wizards.

* Nott, Charleton
Son of Reubas Nott. He joined as soon as he graduated form Hogwarts and was killed during an attack upon a pair of Muggle born Wizards in 1984.

* Petrov, Anton
Romanian born Death Eater. He met Tom Riddle while they were both still attending Hogwarts. He went on business to the United States with Lucius Montgomery and returned to Britain in the 70’s. He fled after Voldemort’s first fall and came back to serve him again when he returned. Auror Tonks killed him during the Battle of Hogwarts.

* Pettigrew, Peter "Wormtail" (b. 1960 - 1998)
He was an unregistered animagus and the close friend that betrayed James Potter. He killed Cedric Diggory and sacrificed his right hand to brew the potion that brought Voldemort back. The Dark Lord replaced his hand with a silver one that killed him later.

*Qunhua, Aulus and Lauretia
A glamorous and active couple of Gryffindor’s that got married shortly after they graduated from Hogwarts. Both had a fast rise in the Department of Mysteries and were devoted followers of Rockwood. Despite being named in trial documents they managed to escape justice and lived quietly until the return of the Dark Lord. Both were killed at the Battle of Hogwarts.

* Rookwood, Augustus
He was a spy that worked for the Department of Mysteries. This sneaky man had plenty of agents inside the Ministry. Half of them didn’t really know who they were really working for.
Karkaroff named Rookwood during his trial and got him sent to Azkaban. Years later he escaped in the mass breakout of January 1996. He fought in the Battle of the Department of Mysteries and was finally killed during the battle of Hogwarts.

* Rosier. Leonard
This handsome member of the group was part of the first generation of Death Eaters and was killed during the first war.

* Rosier, Evan (b. late 1950s or early 1960s - c. 1980)
Another member of Snape’s gang of Slytherins. He died fighting the aurors in 1980. That day, this man took a big chunk out of Auror Moody's nose while trying to resist arrest.

*Rosier, Samuel
The younger brother of Evan. He was a Ravenclaw and was one of the first to join the Dark Lord after his brother’s death. He was described as a rather fanatical and nasty follower that left the country after Voldemort’s first fall. He returned for the Second War and was killed in the Battle of Hogwarts.

* Rowle, Thorfinn
He took part in the Battle of the Tower and the Battle of Hogwarts. He is actually serving a life sentence in Azkaban.

* Snape, Severus
He was a talented wizard with an extraordinary ability to brew potions. He was Head of Slytherin house while Albus Dumbledore was headmaster at Hogwarts. Some details in the file suggest he worked as a double agent and died as a hero.

*Sawson, Penterghast XXIII- Known as the “Butcher of Bath”. He was responsible for the first large scale murder of Muggles by the order in 1973. In this event, four streets of the city of Bath were animated to come alive and attack people. The incident caused the death of over 92 muggles. He was sent to Azkaban during the first war. Dementors tortured him so badly that he is now in a vegetative state.

*Sawson, Penterghast XXIV- Son of the “Butcher of Bath. This chip of the old block is famous for enchanting and transfiguring muggle domestic pets into wild monster creatures. Death Eaters remember him for the infamous ‘Killer Kitten Charm’. He is still serving life sentence in Azkaban for several child murders and other crimes.

* ThNote, Alvern and his wife Adeania. This couple served the Dark Lord for 16 years. They joined the group in 1982 and died at the Battle of Hogwarts after Rubeus Hagrid slew them with a cross bow.

* Thirroul, Selwynn
A young Death Eater whose brother is actually working at the ministry. His whereabouts are unknown. Aurors are still looking for him. He’s wanted for a long list of crimes that includes the murder of several muggles and at least one Auror.

* Thirroul, Sabastian-
He’s described as a "massive blond" Death Eater. This man caused tremendous damage in the Battle of the Tower. Shortly after that he was captured and sentenced to life in prison. Thirroul managed to escape once but was quickly recaptured and is still in Azkaban.

* Thirroul, Gabriel
Harry Potter stunned him during the Battle of the Tower. He took part in the arrest and murder of over a dozen wizards and more than forty muggles. He died at the Battle of Hogwarts, lacerated by shards of glass.

* Travers, Andew
Karkaroff accused him of murdering the McKinnons. He was related to the Blacks and the Thirrouls. According to the report, he was killed by Aurors while resisting arrest.

* Wilkes. He attended Hogwarts with Snape and was part of his "gang of Slytherins". Also killed by Aurors in 1980.

* Wickham, Gregory and Abigail
The Wickhams were apparently respectable. Both came from very traditional families. According to the file they were the kind of people that seem to relish murder and death. Voldemort himself appointed them as ‘regional coordinators’. After Voldemort’s first fall, they claimed to have served the Dark Lord under the Imperius curse. They were cleared of all charges and rejoined the group for the second war. None of them took part in the Battle of Hogwarts and they were both captured trying to escape after Voldemort’s fall. Both were sent to Azkaban and died there while serving a life sentence for their crimes.

* Wrigglesworth, Wilfrid
This man was a very young Auror. He uncovered Rockwood’s duplicity but fell under the Imperius Curse shortly after that. Imperiused, he served the Dark Lord during the first war. When Voldemort returned, he fought the Death Eaters and survived. He is now a retired Auror.

* Writer, Robert and Anne. A very traditional couple, obsessed with blood. They were related to the Blacks and the Malfoys. They joined in the early 80’s and were captured in the Battle of Hogwarts. They are in Azkaban, serving life sentences for a very long list of crimes.

*Yaxley. He was a leading figure in the group and also former Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. He was defeated by George Weasley and Lee Jordan in the Battle of Hogwarts.