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Friday, February 20, 2009

OBITUARY Gwen Weezles

Reported by staff:

Muggle wife of the renowned retired potions master and magical arachnologist mentioned in Great Wizards of the 20th Century, Aaraneus Weezles', died suddenly and unexpectedly late last Tuesday evening. Gwen was 89. Her son - auror, Alan Weezles, Order of Merlin First Class - preceded Gwen in death. Survivors include devoted husband, Aaraneus - daughter-in-law, Anna - and grandson, Aaran. Torquay Funeral Services conducted a private muggle service for the Weezles family Saturday afternoon in Devon.

Though Gwen was a muggle, she was part of a very noble and well-respected wizard family. Her husband, Aaraneus, is most famous for his discovery that marinating toad liver with purified Black Widow's venom aided in the healing of spattergoit. He authored several texts on the proper care and handling of spiders for magical purposes before his premature retirement. Her son, Alan, fought bravely against five Death Eaters in the final moments of his life, enduring hours of being cruciated and imperiused before finally succumbing to the Killing Curse after they realized he would never provide the information they sought. Ministry officials unanimously decided to award him the Order of Merlin First class posthumously after reviewing the memories retrieved from the only witness, his son, Aaran. Gwen's daughter-in-law, Anna, was a respected investigative journalist for the Daily Prophet who retired after her husband's death, but has since returned to us.

We asked Aaraneus why he left the wizarding world, his answer: "For love." He refused to comment upon his future plans or whether he planned to return to the wizarding world now that his muggle wife was no longer with us. Daughter-in-law, Anna Weezles, has taken a short leave of absence from the Prophet in this time of loss.

We at the Prophet extend our most heartfelt condolences to the Weezles family, and we are sure our readers do as well.

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