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Friday, February 20, 2009

Reported by Willam Dashspear

Elmira Babbage, reported missing in mid-January, has at last resurfaced, much to the relief of family and friends. Originally traveling to Romania to visit her owl pal, Petra, Elmira tells us she happened to stumble across the Romanian Liberation Cooperative in the middle of a rescue operation, and was so impressed with the work they were doing that she decided to join them in their mission. She returned to the UK last Thursday and has established a group for those witches and wizard who also wish to lend their support to the RLC's noble cause. Interested parties may contact Elmira by owl.

In other news, Romanian Ministry officials walked out of talks with the RLC after the RLC claimed their Ministry of Magic attacked one of the towns they have been trying to protect.

We asked Elmira her opinion of the Romanian Ministry's recent walkout. "I was hopeful at the announcement that talks were forthcoming. I'm appalled that the Romanian Ministry would try to attack an RLC area right before the meeting. I wouldn't be surprised if they had an extremist or two within their ranks that did this. The time has come for the international magical community to stand up and be counted. That's why I started the group I have. We need to speak out so that the Romanian Ministry or the ICW will pay attention."

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