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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Muggles unsafe

Muggles unsafe in wizarding communities By Lerna Lemonut

Godricks Hallow-In recent months there have been an increase in the amount of muggle attacks in wizarding communities. In the last three months twelve muggles have been attacked leading to the death of three. Witnesses state a lone witch or wizard in robes is responsible for the attacks on the innocent muggles.
“It is clearly an attack based on the hate of muggles.” Stated a source in the ministry who requested to remain unnamed. “The ministry is aware of the situation and has taken steps to protect unsuspecting muggles.”
Details are sketchy about the attacks but reports have stated unforgivable curses were used to torture the victims.
The ministry claims they have no suspects and are seeking assistance from anyone who may have knowledge the attacks.

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