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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Prophet reporter attacked offices ransacked

Mere hours after the story about the missing Gryffindor boy's return hit newsstands, the Daily Prophet offices were ransacked by a few masked men seeking the boy's whereabouts. When one of the reporters working on the story refused to reveal his sources or any information on the boy, he was swiftly struck with a sectumsempra curse and left for dead. The custodian found him lying in a pool of blood. After a short stint in St. Mungos, our reporter is now home and taking a short holiday.

In a releated story,Gryffindor girl, Tamara Scorbal, has returned to Hogwarts after a short-lived, yet traumatic ordeal over her exchange for Hogwarts head girl, Anquvin Aluveaux. Our sources tell us the scene in Godric's Hollow was tense but that Miss Aluveaux handled herself in a manner that makes one think of The great Harry Potter in facing evil.
The culprit was taken into custody by the Head of the DLME Bella Giustizia.

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